Law enforcement aims to keep Halloween safe

Law enforcement aims to keep Halloween safe

Law enforcement aims to keep Halloween safe

Traditionally, Halloween – and the days leading up to it – is a time when members of law enforcement need to be alert and ready for trouble. On October 31, children’s top priority tends to be dressing up as their favorite character and snagging as much candy as they possibly can. Older individuals may be more concerned with attending holiday-themed parties where alcohol is abundant.

While most revelers are responsible, there are always partygoers who celebrate a little too much, become intoxicated and get behind the wheel of a car, pick a fight or worse. For this reason, police officers need to make sure they have completed the proper level of law enforcement training so they know exactly how to protect the public on All Hallows’ Eve.

Here are two examples of how law enforcement officials around the country are preparing for the holiday:

Keeping the roads safe
Police officers know that with Halloween parties comes an increased chance of drunk drivers hitting the nation’s roads. As a result, law enforcement, such as Massachusetts’ Hingham Police, are not just cracking down on October 31, but the days leading up to and following it.

The Boston Globe reported the Hingham Police have launched the “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” campaign, which runs from October 25 through November 4. Law enforcement will be on alert for an extended period of time due to the fact that Halloween falls on a weekday this year, meaning parties could be held the weekend before and after the holiday.

“Many people will spend hours preparing their Halloween costumes and party plans,” Traffic Sergeant Steven Dearth,” told the news source. “But too often, impaired drivers never spend a minute to plan ahead for their designated driver.”

Increasing police presence
With so much to see and do, Kent, Ohio’s downtown area has a reputation for being something of a Halloween destination for revelers, the Ravenna Record Courier reported. For this reason, local law enforcement are urging all who visit this area to be careful. To ensure an extra level of safety, the Kent Police Department will have 100 officers stationed downtown on Saturday, October 27, along with additional support from Metro SWAT, the Kent State University Police Department and other entities.

While it is understandable for people to hit the streets in costume, the police are advising them to leave anything that could be mistaken for a weapon at home.

“I’ve seen everything from people who have life-like replicas of guns to actual swords and hatchets,” Kent Police Captain Paul Canfield told the news outlet.

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