Firefighters tackle blazes throughout Hurricane Sandy

Firefighters tackle blazes throughout Hurricane Sandy

Firefighters tackle blazes throughout Hurricane Sandy

With the strength of a Category-1 storm, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29. It is unlikely that the devastation that accompanied the storm will be forgotten for many years to come, as Sandy is responsible for billions of dollars in damages across the Northeast.

In addition to flattening houses and flooding streets, Sandy’s high winds helped flames spread between homes, leaving once thriving communities resembling warzones. While firefighters along the East Coast were unable to save every home that caught ablaze, their determination and the firefighter training they had received surely played a role in their efforts to fight back flames.

Inferno claims Queens community
As Hurricane Sandy battered New York City, a fire raged in the Queens community of Breezy Point. Despite the best efforts of hundreds of firefighters who took to the flooded streets of Breezy Point, more than 80 homes were lost in the inferno, the New York Daily News reported. In some cases, firefighters were up to their necks in water, trying to get the fires under control.

Even though New York Congressman Robert Turner was among those who lost a home in the blaze, he still praised the efforts of first responders.

Connecticut firefighters hailed as ‘superheroes’
In Connecticut, what the Connecticut Post referred to as a “firestorm” overtook the community of Old Greenwich. As Hurricane Sandy raged all around them, career and volunteer firefighters did their best to prevent flames from spreading from one home to another in this densely developed area.

It was Sandy’s extreme conditions – including winds that exceeded 80 miles per hour – that made local residents heap praise on the brave firefighters who risked their lives to save property.

“I told them motivationally at the beginning they were heroes, not superheroes,” Fire Chief Peter Siecienski, told the news source. “I didn’t want them to feel they could defy all odds. They performed like superheroes.”

In the aftermath of Sandy, heroes step forward
While the fires may be extinguished, much work lies ahead for those who were most impacted by Hurricane Sandy. In North Carolina, for example, firefighters from Onslow County are joining forces with different organizations to provide relief to storm victims, the Jacksonville Daily News reported. Around four to six firefighters also plan to head up North to assist where they can.

If anything, the unpredictability of Hurricane Sandy shows just how important it is for professionals to have completed fire rescue training and other exercises that can prepare them for these types of scenarios.

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