EMTs brave Hurricane Sandy to help those in need

EMTs brave Hurricane Sandy to help those in need

EMTs brave Hurricane Sandy to help those in need

When emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are on call, they have a responsibility to get to those in need and provide them with the best pre-hospital medical care possible. As calls will vary in their level of severity, quality EMT training for these professionals is a necessity.For EMTs, providing emergency services to those in need is challenging enough on its own. Recently, professionals who work in the Northeast had to contend with the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy as well. However, despite the obstacles the superstorm blew their way, many EMTs proved their dedication to their line of work.

Matters of the heart
For more than 30 years, Easton, Pennsylvania-native Jack Vaughn wrestled with heart ailments, The Express-Times reported. Vaughn’s severe congestive heart failure was so serious that a heart transplant was a necessity. Fortunately, a call came in that said a healthier heart was waiting in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, this news came in just as Sandy was bearing down on the East Coast.

As senior citizens, Vaughn and his wife Nancy were unwilling to make the 75-mile trip to Philadelphia during the hurricane alone, and the Easton Police Department could not provide assistance with the storm approaching. The Vaughns were finally able to track down EMTs who were willing to brave pouring rain, heavy winds and flying debris just to get Vaughn his new heart.

The drive was no walk in the park, and a strong gust of wind nearly pushed them off the road, but the EMTs managed to get Vaughn to Philadelphia in one piece.

“To me, this was truly a miracle,” Nancy Vaughn told the news source. “We thank God every day for sending them to us. Nobody could get us in to get this heart.”

A delivery to remember
When newborn baby Liam Alexander Schleppy was in his mother Christine’s womb, he was not aware of the damage Hurricane Sandy was about to do to New Jersey. He was also not aware of how difficult it would be for his mother to deliver him in the middle of a storm. However, EMTs answered Schleppy’s 911 call and played a role in bringing Liam into the world, ABC News reported.

As New Jersey residents, Christine Schleppy and her husband David were aware that trees were down and roads would be closed, ensuring that the trip to the hospital would prove challenging. Poor road conditions caused the ambulance to get stuck in the mud. Fortunately, the Schleppys were transferred to a fire ambulance, which then brought them to the Hackensack University Medical Center’s Mobile Satellite Emergency Department shelter, where Liam was eventually delivered.

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