Felonious law enforcement deaths rose in 2011

Felonious law enforcement deaths rose in 2011

Felonious law enforcement deaths rose in 2011

When law enforcement officers put on their uniforms and go on duty, they never know what they will encounter or whether or not they will make it home at the end of the day. While they know the risks that come with serving and protecting citizens, there is no denying the positive impact high-quality law enforcement training could have on officers’ safety.

With the proper training, some accidents can be avoided, while others are not preventable and occur without warning. To provide a sense of how law enforcement officers fall in the line of duty, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently issued a press release with details on the law enforcement deaths that occurred in 2011.

According to the FBI, a total of 125 law enforcement officers lost their lives last year, with 72 feloniously murdered and 53 killed in accidents.

In 2011, the number of felonious deaths increased by 16 over 2010’s figure of 56 officers. Arrest situations, ambushes and traffic pursuits were all scenarios in which law enforcement professionals lost their lives. Fortunately, the number of fatal accidents was down by 19 from 72 officer deaths in 2010.

Using this information, police departments can better tailor their law enforcement training so that officers are more prepared for safe  careers.

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