CiNet Impresses Again

90206483CiNet is honored to be accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS). This accreditation is for CiNet’s PULSE Emergency Medical content. If you have gone through our EMS courses, you’ve seen it in action!

CECBEMS is interested in how needs assessment, program committee processes, medical direction/oversight, concept, production and more come together for the benefit of the individual EMS student.

CiNet was awarded with the highest grade CECBEMS could bestow – an A+! – along with a congratulatory note stating that CECBEMS “found clear evidence that CiNet not only adheres to CECBEMS standards and policies but embraces and employs them. We are thoroughly impressed with the efforts you take to build quality into your educational processes.”

The audit report goes on to outline specific findings, including:

  • Our Program Committee, whose members all have long histories of EMS management and education, has oversight of all coursework
  • The Needs Assessment, a worksheet given to users so they may provide feedback to CiNet, is a tool used by the committee often
  • The Director of Education works closely with the committee and production. And he’s also a full time fire fighter and paramedic!
  • Course content authors often use the CECBEMS policy and guidance, ensuring course attendees receive standardized courses and testing every time.

We are pleased the CECBEMS representatives had such a good experience with our team. We feel it can only mean success for our students and benefit the EMS providers they work for.  Please continue to fill out that Needs Assessment form! It doesn’t fall into a black hole, we promise.

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