Law enforcement works to keep the season merry

Law enforcement works to keep the season merry

Law enforcement works to keep the season merry

People across the U.S. are in the thick of the holiday season, which means many of them are crowding malls and airports, attending festive parties and enjoying everything else the month of December has to offer. As this is an especially busy time of the year, those who hold law enforcement jobs need to be extra vigilant to ensure that people enjoy the holidays without putting their lives, or the lives of others, in danger.

While there is still some time before Christmas, many police departments around the country are wasting no time getting themselves, and people in their local areas, ready so their year ends on a safe note. Here are two examples of what steps law enforcement are taking this holiday season:

Police provide holiday safety tips
For many people, the holidays that take place throughout December provide an excuse to throw a party. As a result, the odds that someone is leaving a gathering late at night under the influence of alcohol only intensifies when libations are freely flowing and guests are feeling festive.

Officials from the Department of Maryland State Police are ready for trouble on the roads, and recently issued a press release detailing the ways partygoers can reduce their risk of spoiling the season for themselves and the drivers they share the road with. The department urges motorists to not drive drowsy, drunk, drugged or aggressively. In addition, they should not text or make phone calls behind the wheel, follow other vehicles too closely or make unsafe lane changes.

Police encourage safe holiday shopping
Battling through crowds at the mall is already enough of a challenge for holiday shoppers. Alabama’s Troy Police Department want to make sure this seasonal activity does not take a turn for the worse, The Troy Messenger reported. Unfortunately, something as harmless as picking up a few presents can become quite dangerous, as there are always thieves ready to steal pricey items.

“Lots of people are out shopping at this time of year,” Sergeant Benny Scarbrough of the Troy Police Department, told the news source. “Something we all need to remember is it is best to shop in numbers. Know the place where you are going and know the entrances and exits. Also, remember where you park so you aren’t wandering around with packages.”

Of course, it is impossible for police officers to prevent everybody from getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, or mugging a shopper in a dimly lit parking lot, but with law enforcement training, they may be better equipped to respond to these incidents when they occur.


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