Awards highlight law enforcement officials’ hard work

Awards highlight law enforcement officials' hard work

Awards highlight law enforcement officials’ hard work

A special type of person has an interest in law enforcement jobs. A police officer’s commitment to enforcing the law and responding to calls, as well as his or her willingness to enter into high-risk situations, means this line of work is reserved only for the best and brightest.

Those who feel they still have a long way to go before they can truly say they are the best they can be can pursue law enforcement training. Beyond expanding their knowledge and skills, police officers can look to the accomplishments of their peers around the country, many of which are being recognized for their achievements as 2012 draws to a close.

Here are just a few members of law enforcement who have been singled out for their outstanding work in the line of duty:

Sergeant Jeff Dodson – Inspiring the next generation of police officers
Virginia’s Culpeper American Legion Post 330 recently named Sergeant Jeff Dodson of the Culpeper Police Department its Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, the Star Exponent reported. The local veterans group recognized Dodson for the work he has done with the Culpeper Law Explorers, a program designed to teach youths about law enforcement careers.

“Sergeant Dodson embodies all that we seek in our officers,” Culpeper Police Chief Chris Jenkins told the news source. “His desire to give back to the community through his work with the Explorers does not go unnoticed.”

Jenkins, who nominated Dodson for the award, said the sergeant spends countless hours educating today’s youth about the work law enforcement officials do. In return for his efforts, Jenkins said Dodson receives the “self-satisfaction that he may be helping a young person mature.”

Police Chief Randy Scott – Building a stronger police force
At the recent Strom Thurmond Awards for Excellence in Law Enforcement luncheon in Columbia, South Carolina, Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott accepted the 2012 City Officer of the Year Award, the Columbia Star reported. In the eyes of many, the recognition is well deserved.

“Chief Scott has built a first-class law enforcement agency for the people of this city,” Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia, told the news source. “Under his leadership, the Columbia Police Department is smarter, stronger, friendlier and more effective than ever before.”

Scott’s accomplishments are directly related to his philosophy for the Columbia Police Department, which centers on goals in the areas of community partnerships, customer service and crime fighting.

The Milford Police Department – Making roads safer
Rather than spotlighting the efforts of a few members of law enforcement, AAA Southern New England chose to recognize the hard work of the entire Milford Police Department, the Milford Mirror reported. At the AAA Southern New England Community Traffic Safety Awards, the Connecticut police department received the AAA Gold Award for the work it has done in the areas of traffic safety education and community enforcement programs.

AAA Southern New England did reserve a special honor for one member of the Milford police force, as Patrol Officer First Class William Simpson received the Traffic Safety Hero award. Simpson, who has been honored in the past by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, continues to take action when it comes to impaired drivers.

The chance of winning awards should never be a reason for pursuing a career in law enforcement, but these honors do show that many police officers’ hard work does not go unnoticed. Special awards also shine a light on the efforts of law enforcement officials who others in their profession can aspire to emulate.


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