Live fire training sessions help new firefighters understand the power of a fire

Live fire training sessions help new firefighters understand the power of a fire

Live fire training sessions help new firefighters understand the power of a fire

As of December 12, 2012, a total of 80 on-duty firefighters have lost their lives, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. While some deaths cannot be prevented, there is no denying that quality firefighter training can improve individuals’ chances of completing jobs in a safe and successful manner.

While there are several ways to train new firefighters, live fire training can be invaluable. Here are a few reasons why these sessions are so important based on recent live fire training drills:

A chance to see fire’s true power
When firefighters-in-training have an opportunity to participate in a live fire training session, they get to see what types of conditions they will encounter in the line of duty. In the case of Nebraska’s Grand Island Fire Department, live fire training is something they only take part in three or four times a year, KOLN-TV reported. In the most recent drill, the fire department was allowed to burn down a house that was owned by a church.

“A training like this is invaluable,” Tim Hiemer, Grand Island’s fire training division chief, told the news source. “… It’s an actual house so it behaves just like our other structural fires.”

Hiemer said that live fire training provides new firefighters with a chance to understand the power of a fire. Not only do they see how a fire grows, but what the best ways to put it out are.

A chance to gain confidence
As new firefighters are placed in a physical setting, they have an opportunity to work through controlled scenarios with actual flames. Dan Goeke was one of the firefighters who got to participate in the Grand Island training session.

“This is fun for us to get out here and get an opportunity to apply what we’ve been learning in the classroom, get out here and pick something up and use it instead of reading about it,” Goeke told NTV.

A chance to learn how to tackle actual fires
Silver City, New Mexico, was the site of another recent live fire training session, the Silver City Sun-News reported. During this drill, volunteer firefighters had an opportunity to learn more about structure fires, as well as the types of conditions they might encounter in future scenarios.

Those who participated in the live fire training session gained hands-on experience as they took turns running the hose and nozzle. They also learned about different kinds of ventilation and found out how to appropriately take on a blaze.

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