Law enforcement’s New Year’s resolution is to keep people safe

Law enforcement's New Year's resolution is to keep people safe

Law enforcement’s New Year’s resolution is to keep people safe

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are 48 hours in which police may have to rely on the full breadth of their law enforcement training. After all, the final hours of the year are a time when many people fill a glass with alcohol, loosen up and make poor decisions.

Members of law enforcement are responsible for making sure revelers enjoy a safe end to the year and are able to start 2013 on a positive note. For this reason, police will be out in full force across the country so that people have a chance to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few measures law enforcement will be taking this New Year’s Eve:

Cracking down on drunk drivers
While people can get behind the wheel of an automobile under the influence of alcohol any time of year, this is much more likely to happen on New Year’s Eve due to the high volume of parties that take place. As a result, law enforcement agencies nationwide, such as the South Carolina Highway Patrol, are prepared to do everything in their power to keep drunk drivers off the road.

All of our troopers will be on the road on New Year’s Eve,” Lance Corporal Bill Rhyne of the highway patrol, told the Anderson Independent Mail.

On New Year’s Eve, the highway patrol will continue to promote its “Sober or Slammer” campaign, in addition to having officers stationed in areas known to be DUI hot spots.

Keeping drivers buckled into their seats
Drunken motorists are not all police will be on the lookout for on New Year’s Eve. In Illinois, for example, police across the state will promote smart driving with safety belt enforcement zones, The Associated Press reported.

The increased police presence on Illinois’ roads is the result of the “Drive to Survive” campaign, a collaboration between the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois State Police and close to 300 police agencies.

Stressing the importance of gun safety
When the clock strikes midnight, some gun owners grab their weapon and fire it into the air in celebration, according to KMIR-TV. While these individuals may think their actions are harmless, the bullets fired into the air have to come down at some point, which puts lives at risk.

This is why California’s Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wants people to have a good time without using firearms. Keeping guns locked up can prevent the loss of life and prevent individuals from starting the new year behind bars.

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