Video laryngoscope improves patient care

Video laryngoscope improves patient care

Video laryngoscope improves patient care

When emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond to calls, they need to be prepared to handle any type of situation. Not only can EMT training provide these professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to do a better job, but it may also educate them about technological tools they can use to save lives.

The King Vision portable video laryngoscope is one piece of technology that is making it easier for the emergency crews with New York’s Thousand Islands Rescue to find out why patients have trouble breathing, YNN reported. This device, which is manufactured by King Systems, comes equipped with a video screen and allows EMTs to complete indirect laryngoscopy, as well as routine and difficult endotracheal intubation, according to the company’s website.

In the past, workers with Thousand Islands Rescue had to position themselves to get the best look at patients’ airways, and identify the cause of any obstructions. With the King Vision, they can efficiently position the device and quickly find the source of the problem.

“It will give a faster, more accurate visualization and proof that the endotracheal tube [has] actually been placed correctly in that very critical situation,” Rolly Churchill, Thousand Islands’ EMS chief, told the news source.

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