Senior firefighters prove age is just a number

firefighter training

Senior firefighters prove age is just a number

Just because people have a desire to complete firefighter training and become professional rescue workers does not mean they always follow through on their goals. If these individuals ever feel like they do not have what it takes to succeed as a firefighter, they may want to turn to elderly firefighters who are not letting age stand in their way.

At a young age, now 68-year-old Vermont resident Andrea Peterson dreamed of one day becoming a firefighter, according to The Huffington Post. When she was just a child, Peterson was rescued from a burning building by firefighters.

“I remember standing there and saying, ‘I’m gonna be a fireman just like you,'” Peterson told the news source. “They laughed [and] said, ‘You’ll be a good mommy, you’ll be a good teacher, maybe you’ll be a nurse, but you can never be a fireman.'”

Of course, Peterson proved these firemen wrong and now works at her village’s fire department.

Then, there is Jack H. Dunkley, a 90-year-old Indiana resident who was recently named the state’s oldest active volunteer firefighter, the Tribune-Star reported. While Dunkley never thought he would still be volunteering at the age of 90, he has lived a good life with no regrets.


One Response to Senior firefighters prove age is just a number

  1. FF-Ed says:

    Really, 90? Grandpa’s gonna break a hip.
    I’ve been firefighting professionally 20 yrs, I’m considered Senior at 47 years old. I guarentee I’ll be gone before i’m 60. Anything past that is just irresponsible. At 90, Grandpa’s only one accident away from riding in a box atop your shiniest Engine! He shouldn’t even stand on the street and direct traffic! Someone needs to step up and tell him Thank You for your service (here is your plaque or axe & you are done). As a FNG, I was told by the old guys, “Firefighting is a young man’s game”. As a old guy, I agree.

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