Training to Improve Electrical Workers Safety, Confidence and Effectiveness

According to OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical accidents and the resulting fires cause millions of dollars in damages, countless injuries and life threatening workplace events every year. The tragedy is that many of these could have been avoided by simple maintenance repairs supported by a steady flow of electrical plant training. OSHA and NFPA’s National Electrical Code standards for electrical safety are constantly changing in response to new technology. In order to remain on the cutting edge of safety practices, it is essential to continually update electrical workers’ knowledge and skills. While employees who are new to the field will undoubtedly need to learn current safety standards, even veteran electricians have a need to stay current.

CiNet Industrial Training
Critical Information Networks training library is comprised of instructionally designed, blended-elearning training solutions, including video-based courses from internationally recognized and well-respected brands such as NUS, Williams Learning and Tel-A-Train. Comprehensive student workbooks enhance the training modules and are included with every course to maximize the total learning experience.

“Our Electrical Plant Training Series offers a practical solution with 43 Web-delivered electrical maintenance training courses, representing some of the most common preventive and corrective electrical maintenance practices performed on electrical equipment in an industrial environment. Topics covered range from AC and DC fundamental reviews to motor, generator and circuit breaker maintenance and many more”, stated President and CEO Steve Albright. “This is what we do best – purposeful education that goes beyond an enhancement for safety, it saves lives”.

CiNet offers flexible delivery options, featuring a customizable learning management system that keeps track of all trainee test scores, log times and site-information access and provides custom reporting options. Additionally, the award winning content can be integrated into the customer’s LMS. CiNet’s trusted AICC/SCORM compliant content and training platform ensures compatibility in any environment.

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