CiNet & Envisage Technologies Announce Federal Award to Provide Online Law Enforcement Training Nationwide

Free online training aims to keep officers on the street, reduce liability and increase safety


CARROLLTON, Texas – October 18, 2011 — Critical Information Network (CiNet), LLC and Envisage Technologies announced today that they were awarded a contract to provide tuition-free online training for state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), a component of the Department of Homeland Security.

“In today’s budget-constrained environment, many small law enforcement agencies lack the resources, travel budgets or manpower to send their officers to classroom-based training to keep up their skills.   Police departments across the nation have been struggling to maintain essential services.  As budgets are being cut, vital training is frequently eliminated first,” said Ari Vidali, Envisage chief executive officer.  “The support provided by organizations such as the FLETC’s Rural Policing Institute and the Office of State and Local training are providing police officers access to high-quality training, regardless of the size of their department.”

Envisage will act as the prime contractor and deliver the free service in a secure, cloud environment via its Acadis Readiness Suite Learning Management System (LMS). The Acadis LMS enables officers to take courses and agencies to track results in one seamless platform.

The Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN), an Envisage partner and division of CiNet, will provide the extensive online learning library available on the system.  The LETN catalog gives enrolled officers access to 200 high-quality learning modules addressing important subjects such as Officer Survival, Use of Force, Narcotics, Gangs and Cybercrime.  Many of the courses are certified by state agencies to provide officers with in-service or continuing education credits.

“Working in concert with the Envisage team, CiNet’s Law Enforcement Training Network is extraordinarily proud to participate with the FLETC’s Rural Policing Institute to provide our expansive and time-tested library of critically needed training to those that put their lives on the line everyday of their brave careers”, said Steve Albright, CEO of CiNet. “We are honored to bring the Envisage and CiNet resources together in a blended solution to fulfill the requirements of FLETC’s training contributions to state and local law enforcement with the predominate community qualified as rural departments.”

The program is administered through FLETC’s Rural Policing Institute (RPI) and Office of State and Local Training (OSL). Their missions are to provide high-quality and easily accessible training to state, local, county, tribal and campus law enforcement officers, as well as other emergency responders.

“Both Envisage and CiNet are honored to have been selected by FLETC for this very important initiative,” said Ari Vidali. “The partnership between our state and local police departments and the Federal government is of paramount importance to the ongoing support of professional policing.”

About the Rural Policing Institute

The mission of the Rural Policing Institute (RPI) is to develop and deliver specialized and advanced training, based upon sound research, and to conduct outreach efforts for law enforcement officers, and to other emergency responders located in rural areas, including Indian Country.  To accomplish these objectives, the RPI will evaluate the needs of the rural law enforcement community; develop and deliver expert training and conduct outreach to rural law enforcement.  The RPI will work with partners and stakeholders in the development of new training programs to
include a validation process to measure training outcomes.

About the FLETC Office of State and Local Training

The Office of State and Local Training (OSL) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) provides tuition-free and low cost training to state, local, campus, and tribal law enforcement agencies. Programs are conducted at select sites throughout the country and are usually hosted by a local law enforcement agency in the area.

About ENVISAGE technologies

Founded in 2001, Envisage is an industry visionary in training management, resource optimization, complex scheduling and process automation for law enforcement, public safety and military organizations. Clients include military commands, federal law enforcement academies in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and state law enforcement and public safety organizations.

About CiNet – LETN

Since 1989, CiNet’s Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN) has been a partner to our nation’s law enforcement service by delivering officer training solutions that help to retain personnel, reduce training costs, improve performance and ultimately save lives. LETN’s online courses serve every discipline within a law enforcement agency and depict real-life incidents analyzed by leading experts, increasing engagement, retention and results. Police officers have access to one of the largest libraries of law enforcement training videos in the industry, and the ability to develop customized curricula designed for specific job functions.

About the Acadis Readiness Suite

The Acadis Readiness Suite is an enterprise software application that enables organizations to create training ecosystems. The system is in use by over 270,000 public safety professionals Nationwide.  Acadis automates the management of complex, high-risk training environments such as law enforcement, public safety, homeland security and the military. The modular system architecture allows training organizations to optimize the entire “hire-to-retire” lifecycle for personnel by fusing learning management, automated scheduling, registration, housing/barracks management, certification compliance tracking, automated testing, and document storage into a comprehensive end-to-end solution. The optional Acadis Portal Framework allows secure, decentralized access to online learning, employee training records, in-service training reporting, class registrations, and instructor availability management.


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